Christians and Wealth (Part 1)

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How rich can a Christian be? Like Bill Gate or just as rich as an average working class who gets all his bill paid? Are you a Christian but you are neither poor nor rich? Is this God’s plan for you?

I know that majority of believers are in the rat race of becoming rich or let me put it a glorified term, in pursuit of wealth to meet their needs, to bless lives and earn more respect in the society and finally to serve God by contributing to the kingdom assignments. This is a fantastic plan, isn’t it? Many toil and toil day by day, year after year but many never come near their dreams. Some pass by without knowing what it means to enjoy life rather their anguish and ordeals is submerged in bitter waters of devil’s tools – distractions, deceits, discouragement and disbelief.

Imagine this, a wealthy man ask you prepare a proposal for the sum of 1 million dollars and, with good assurance of success, you submit something that will be beneficial to you, the society and also to the rich man, he will certainly grant your proposal except he is not a good business man. Can we imagine the maker of the universe who owns everything, including the key to life and death, don’t you think if we have a fantastic plan like what an average Christian dreams of, won’t He willingly grant all our heart desires?

…But sincerely, that is not the common experience we all have. God said, ‘silver and gold is mine’. He also said the earth and the fullness thereof belongs to Him, hence if we plan to work hard and make money for this fantastic idea we all dream of, it should not be difficult for God to bless us. He said he is the one that gives power to get wealth; hence we need Him for the grace and ability to bear the title “wealth man/woman”. However, we pray for this, yet we experience a little of this empowerment that invokes the forces of life to work in our favour which makes our efforts to be well compensated. Our efforts are fruitless due to a wrong triangle approach with which we all seek wealth.

Think carefully and genuinely, which master do you serve the most – God or Mammon (Money)? We worship money more than God. I have seen so many people who in pursuit of wealth have pierced themselves with many sorrows. I have experienced this. We often forget that what we want is with God already but they are buried in our devotion & commitment to His instructions and directions. Perhaps, if you are involved in so many or any financial mess, God will sought you out in Jesus name. Please examine the diagram below:


Let God be the force and the drive behind your life. God is faithful and just to reward every labour (Prov14:23). It is certain we can’t seek both God and wealth because they are both authorities that demand attention and respect. We build our schedules, rules and principles around wealth and we easily push God out of the equation of our lives. Wealth requires wisdom to both acquire it and maintain it. It has been said that it is easy to attain riches than to maintain it. When God is not the power behind our wealth, it is far difficult to find Him because we will be too occupied with what we have become. We will be pursuing all other things and struggle to seek God.

Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God. – Eccl 5:19 KJV

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